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Overwhelmed With Marketing Your Yoga Business? – Don’t be!

Yoga Business Marketing Planner - 3 part series to elevate your Yoga Business in the next 90 days!

Om gum ganapataye namaha

Download your FREE 90 Day Yoga Biz Action Planner to

  • Get clear on your goals and formulate a REAL plan to get there
  • Build a roadmap that gets your Yoga Business from where it is today to where you envision it
  • Create your 30 Day Mindful Marketing Creative Calendar in one afternoon – No Stress!

marketing your yoga business

Take the Stress and Overwhelm out of Marketing your Yoga Business!

In 3 easy steps let me teach you how to market create a Marketing Plan for your Yoga Biz that will get you in front of the right clients in an efficient and authentic way!



The Thriving Yogi Business School for Yoga Teachers offers private mentoring, workshops and group trainings to help yoga teachers enhance their business and marketing skills so they can create a thriving and fulfilling business and life with confidence.

Claudia Richey is the founder of “DoshaFit® Ayurvedic Fitness Education” and “Yoga And Smoothies – Vibrant Nutrition for a Yogic Lifestyle”.  She has created an environment for transformation and growth for her students and wishes to teach others to do the same.

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