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Are you a Yoga Teacher looking for a new way of working with your students?

Would you rather dance to your own tune and teach what and who you love then sticking to your studios rules?

Are you tired of spending all day running all over town to teach classes while you can barely make a living?

Have you considered private teaching?

If not then I’m glad you are here. And if you already have I’m happy you made it to this page.

Because I want to help you navigate teaching Private Yoga.

Shifting your teaching to teaching private clients is incredibly rewarding, but you have to know what you are doing.

So if you’ve been worried about

Where to find private clients?

How much you can charge for private sessions

How teaching private clients is different from teaching groups and how to design private sessions?

How to retain your clients and keep them coming back?

What insurance you may need as a private yoga teacher?

How to market your new private yoga business with integrity?

Let’s talk, because I’ve done all theses things.

For the past decade I’ve been teaching yoga to private clients. Just like most of us, I took my yoga teacher training with greatest enthusiasm and started teaching classes, only to find out that I didn’t really like teaching group classes.

I struggled with wanting to teach Yoga but not being comfortable with the traditional studio setting, I felt I couldn’t really give all that I had to give.

When I started a career as a personal fitness trainer I learned all that I needed to know to translate my personal training practice to a private yoga teacher career.

I followed this path for over a decade and I think along the way I made all the mistakes I could have made and I also learned the important skills I’m about to pass on to you.

Setting up your private yoga practice may be a little intimidating, but I promise it will be incredibly rewarding to teach yoga in a way where you can truly express yourself, follow your passion and serve the clients you really want to serve.

new profile pic best cropped“My phone call with Claudia was so helpful! As a Yoga teacher who just moved to a completely  new city I literally had no clue where to start to get the word out and get clients. Claudia gave me several nuggets of wisdom including how to create packages, how to really create my niche and how to optimize my website!  Ever grateful to Claudia!”
~ Nyk Danu, RYT, NykDanu.com

Yoga Business CoachingBefore I booked a session with Claudia,  I was actually very lost with my business. I just finished my teacher training early this year and even though I wanted to be doing so much more I hadn’t really done much. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take my business yet, and was really starting from scratch. After talking with Claudia I now have a better, more clear idea of where I want to take my business and how I can make it successful!

I would recommend Claudia to any yogi looking to seriously set up a successful private teaching practice. She was very helpful and I am super grateful to her!

Luddy Figuero, RYTa

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