Scholarship Guidelines

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At The Thriving Yogi we are committed to help Yoga Teachers build thriving and sustainable businesses and income streams that allows them to share their higher vision with the world while creating an income that allows them to live a fulfilled and stress free life.

We understand that finances can be an obstacles from pursuing the goal of creating a living teaching Yoga.

The intention of  offering this scholarship program is to enable dedicated individuals to get the tools and resources that may otherwise not be available. Our hope is to educate Yoga Teachers in a way that allows them to keep contributing their teachings to the world and build a sound business doing so.

Scholarship Availability & Amount of Award

For Yoga Business School the maximum scholarship award is 50% of the full rate. Applicants should only apply for a scholarship if they are able to pay for at least 50% of the course fees. If you can not make this commitment please do not apply for a scholarship as you may be taking a spot away from another student in need.

Scholarship Qualifications

To qualify for a scholarship, please complete and submit the scholarship application form, answering all questions on the form honestly and fully. Those who are already enrolled in Yoga Business School are not eligible to receive a scholarship for that course retroactively, therefore we only accept scholarship applications from individuals who have not yet enrolled in Yoga Business School. 

Scholarship Application Submissions

Applications for scholarships are accepted at any time prior to the course’s start date and for as long as the course stays open for registration, typically 1-2 weeks after start of Yoga Business School.

Scholarship Award Notifications 

Scholarship award notifications are issued by email generally in the final two weeks before the course begins. Registration information and a payment link will be sent by email as soon as the scholarship is awarded. Please be prepared to pay your 50% course enrolment fee at this point. We do not offer our early registration or fast action bonuses to scholarship recipients. However, regular bonuses are included as listed.

Refund Policy for Scholarship Participants

Scholarship programs are awarded to individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford to enroll in Yoga Business School. We therefore expect applicants to be firmly committed to their course participation, and for that reason, the portion of the course fee paid by scholarship recipients is non-refundable, regardless of what the standard or advertised refund policy is for full-tuition attendees of that particular course.  

If you have read the guidelines above and agree with the scholarship guidelines please submit the scholarship application form. All applications will be considered and we tray to award as many scholarships as possible.

The best of luck to you,

Claudia Richey -

Claudia Richey