Refund Policy

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The Thriving Yogi’s mission is to create value for you, the Yoga Entrepreneur that will help you create positive in change your business and life.

In order to qualify for a refund you must submit sufficient proof that you have completed the first two modules of the program, done all exercises that came with the module and show that you put sufficient effort in, and also participate in all group coaching calls if they are a part of the program you purchased.

Refunds can be requested up to the delivery of Module 3 or up to 30 days after purchase, whichever comes first. Refunds requested later then 30 after purchase, even if program has not started yet, will not be considered. Equally once Module 3 has become available to you, whether you view it or not, the grace period for submitting a refund request will have expired.

Company Discretion. We don’t want to hold you if you don’t like our programs. However, once you submit your materials, all refunds are within the Company’s sole discretion as to whether to grant or deny the refund request. Eligibility to receive a refund is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Please allow up to 30 days between your approved refund request and the payout of your refund. Please not: Programs are charged in US currency. Refunds will be issued at the currency exchange rate $CAN/$US at the time of program purchase.

Please do not take The Thriving Yogi workshops or programs lightly. We are here to provide the upmost and best possible experience to you and you are here because you wish to learn, grow your business, and have fun while you are doing it. We at The Thriving Yogi put an enormous amount of time and effort into our workshops and programs and we expect you to do the same. Please don’t enrol in our workshops or programs if you don’t intent on using them and going through all your materials to put them to work, or to test them out and “take it for a ride”.

Your satisfaction is most important to us. If you submit a refund request within the required time frame we would like to offer a complimentary Yoga Business Coaching session to help you get from the program what you hoped for before you lose access to your program.