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Now that you are here let me tell you a little about myself, shall I?

The moment I set foot on a Yoga mat I knew I was in love with it. This was over a decade ago, I bought a cheap Yoga DVD on Amazon, bought a cheap yoga mat at Walmart, and went to town in my living room. Doing it all wrong, but having a ton of fun.

After a couple of weeks of struggling along to a canned practice that was way outside of my skill-level, I decided to join a Yoga studio and attend some classes.

That’s where it happened: the one session of restorative yoga that changed everything …. the teachers soothing honey sweet and malty rich voice that lulled me deep into a state of complete and utter bliss – ananda. I was there.

For the first time in a long time I felt at peace with my quirky body and I found myself not-thinking, if that even makes sense.

Long story short, by the end of the session I had decided I wanted to teach yoga so I could do for others what I had just experienced, sweet peace in my mind and body and a feeling of being completely cocooned and wrapped in universal love.

  • I felt better then I had in a long time
  • My body opened up in ways I never imagined
  • My racing thoughts came to a sudden stop
  • I felt whole with myself and the universe
  • I knew I wanted to teach so I could facilitate change in others
  • And that’s where my journey began!

And a Rocky Journey it was ..

My way into Yoga wasn’t that easy. Sure, it started off all peace and bliss and honey pies … but once I came back to the world after Teacher Training reality hit: I didn’t like teaching!


If you are a Yoga teacher you may remember the extraordinary changes that happen during teacher training, how you developed inwardly and outwardly, faced your demons on the mat and conquered in battle with ego, pain, and more ego … to emerge victorious and on a new mission to hold your students hand and teach them the better life through yoga.

The last day of teacher training approached and after a beautiful graduation ceremony we were set free: 30 fresh and shiny new Yoga teachers on a mission to change the world – one stiff body and troubled mind at a time.

Three weeks later my first teaching gig was up, and I was excited. Nervous and excited and full of anticipation of what would happen. Rosy cheeked and smily I taught my first sessions. And this is what happened:

My group was mixed level. There were students who had regular practices of Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga, one person with a knee injury on the recoup, two soccer players who couldn’t keep their legs straight even standing because their hamstrings were so tight.

I was taught to teach mixed level classes, but wow, this was too much for me being a brand-new Yoga teacher.

By the end of the class I never wanted to teach groups again.

And yet I was craving working with Yoga to help people on all three levels, body, mind and spirit. I just felt my passion falling short in this setting.

The thought of teaching one-on-one, I’m embarrassed to say, didn’t really occur to me until two years later when I received my certification as a Personal Fitness Trainer, something I had gotten into out of joy and passion for the bodies incredible ability to move and sweat and work to create a new outcome.

You may have guessed, it didn’t take long for me to realize the opportunity to offer private Yoga alongside my personal training services. And that’s how it happened for me.

Teaching private Yoga was a natural fit.

See, the beauty of it was that as a personal trainer I had been given all the tools and knowledge to create a safe and thriving private practice. I had learned and kept learning all about the business set-up, insurance requirements, client intake forms and waivers, the marketing of private Yoga to my perfect client.

Very quickly I had built a successful 5 figure a month private teaching business and never felt like I was actually working for it. I was able to teach out of my house and sometimes went to clients homes as well. I got to use my Ayurvedic knowledge with clients in their Yoga practice and was able to create sequences and programs accordingly.  Bliss!


I still love teaching Yoga privately, and I feel that it is my calling to help other Yogis experience this great joy as well.


Teaching private Yoga isn’t just for fun, it is a business with the responsibilities and rewards that come with any business. You are much more likely to succeed if you know how to get yourself set up right from the beginning and I want to help you do just that!


That’s why I have created Workshops and Programs and FREE Resources for you to get off with a good start, a great start, really! Being in good company and learning how to become a Private Yoga Teacher from someone who has done it with great success, integrity and lots of heart and joy!

Follow Your Heart

As a budding Yoga Entrepreneur you have the great privilege and responsibility of doing what you love while being of service!

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Building A Successful Business Teaching Yoga Has Been My Biggest Passion. Let Me Help You Do The Same!