Yoga Business School

May 2016

You can be …

heart based + professional

spiritual + profitable

a Yogi + have a thriving business!

You may be looking for a way to deepen your Yoga practice and learn the tools to expand what you know and shift into teaching private Yoga.

You are ready to dive head first into Yoga Entrepreneur-ship and want to reach out for mentorship to help you navigate the new scenery that lies ahead of you.

I’m glad you are here. Welcome to The Thriving Yogi!


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Some Highlights

I’m so very proud to have been published on some of the most current sites in health, wellness and Yoga!

Yoga Teachers Journal

Find Resources for your Yoga Practice and Self Care while you are building a thriving business doing what you love!

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Pricing Your Private Yoga Sessions

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Why Private Yoga Doesn’t Work

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